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Emperors Chi: The finest tonic available

He came one day as if from nowhere. For six days and six nights he sat and prayed by the Temple doors.

From whence did he come and to where did he go? All we know is what he said - "Chi"

What was left was a special blend of magical life enhancing herbs, twigs and fruits.

For thousand of years, the Chinese have believed that entire universe is pervaded by a special energy and an all pervading force.

This energy found on Earth itself, is of a exact and precise nature that has allowed life to come forth. The Earth was conceived to sit at the center of all the cosmological forces, receiving energy in balance from outer-space, which the Chinese have simply termed

"Heaven" and from the Earth. This all-powerful life-force energy is known as "CHI" in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The greatest concentration of this this life-force energy is the human body and should be treasured and nourished daily so as to achieve every-lasting

health and wisdom.

Emperors Chi is from the Original recipe that was consumed only the Emperors and the royal courts of ancient China over 2000 years ago.

The Yellow emperor was the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty. Legend has it that because of the energy it took establishing rule in the empire he sent the word to find a elixir great enough that he and his court would only consume this tea to give them rightous Qi.

This Journey of discovery called Life is to be on the Tao, the path, the Way. There are three forces that will make this journey easier and effortless.

These forces are the Three Treasures. Jing is your Vital Essence, Qi (chi) is your vital spark that manifest your energy, and Shen your spirit, your light.

With the Up and down times of Wall Street and down times on Main street. How do we deal the Stress, the foreclosers, the down-sizing, the lay-offs, the raising of cost of Living. How do we keep our head above water. We want our life more than just treading water.

In our 24/7 A.D.D. stressful world we must find ways to not let stress burn up Our candle to quickly.

This is what I call the Chi Lifestyle, the Tao of Qi. They are meditation, prayer, contemplation, deep breathing, diet, exercise and of course Emperors Chi.

You see the key word here is "Balance". Balanced body, balanced lifestyle, balanced mind and balanced spirit.

Balance your World with Emperors Chi!

So how do we create Balance in ours lives. TheTaoist Masters use the analogy of a candle to describe three forces.

Jing: is the base of the candle which is your body, your essence, the sum parts of who you are.

Qi: (chi)is the candle flame and therefore your life force. This is the force that fuels you, moves you, and motivates you through out your life

Shen: is your Spirit and Light given off by the candle that equals the light you share with World.

A problem arises when you concentrate on or just stimulate your Chi. We get up in the morning, grab that coffee or coke on your way to work or the gym.

Have you ever tried to make a fire with only kindling. It burns hot and fast and dies out quickly.

When you do this you increase your Chi. But if there is not enough to start with, no substance

to maintain the your fire. You start burning your stores, your Jing. You start robbing your body very slowly which will rob your Shen and the world will lost your wonderful gift, wonderful Light.

The Taoist gave us the answers to help balance our lives. And one of the answers is

Emperors Chi!

Emperors Chi contains some of world greatest herbs called Tonic herbs


*One the best Tonic Herb for the Kidneys;

*Sharpens the mind, improves lucidity, concentration, precise coordination and focus;

*Improves both short and long term memory;

*Increases hydration due to its astringent properties;

*Prevents the leaking or wasting of Jing, our precious and irreplaceable reserve energy,

probably its most crucial quality;

*Increases potency in men, fertility in women;

*Aids in preventing premature ejaculation, restoring sex drive, and increasing sexual

endurance (worth having for this quality alone right?);

*Increases sexual desire, vaginal secretions, and genital sensation in women (worth

having for this quality alone right?);

*Excellent to restore and maintain a youthful appearance and attitude;

*Improves hearing and vision.

This truly one of oldest Super fruits. This wonder berry has been used for a millennium in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Schisandra has been used as a tonic for anti-aging, anti-fatigue and sexual enhancing. Modern studies have shown that Schisandra improves concentration, coordination and endurance. It calms the mind and nerves, nourishes the Yin, generates fluids, strengthens general vitality and tonifies and protects the heart, liver and lungs.

Human studies in Russia hindicate that schisandra has an adaptogenic activity, prompting telegraph operators to transmit messages more accurately, increasing recovery after exercise, and improving blood levels of nitric oxide after heavy exercise. It was also shown to promote recuperation in racehorses after exercise (Roy Upton, 1999).

SAFETY ISSUES: Use with caution if pregnant. Avoid if you have elevated intracranial pressure or epilepsy. May increase stomach acidity. May potentiate barbituates. (reported in Upton, 1999).


Improves digestion

Strengthens the mind

Reduces fatigue

Improves oxygen utilisation

Revered in China as “the immortality herb.” This herb was reserved for Chinese Royalty in promoting life, longevity, fertility, and immortality. This herb restores balance and equilibrium to all five body systems, the cardiovascular, the digestive, the immune, the nervous and reproductive

system. The adaptogenic characteristics of Gynostemma comes from saponins (triterpene glycosides or gypenosides).

Research has shown that these compounds directly stimulate nitric oxide release, a process that is very beneficial to the heart (Tanner, et al., 1999)

The ultimate benefit of Gynostemma is found in its broad adaptogenic properties. It has the ability to bring balance to the body through out a wide range of stressful situations.

Long term consumption of Gynostemma has highly protective quality because it strengthens the adaptive capacity of the person at every level of life.



*muscle recovery

*enhances memory

*benefits Cardiovascular system

*benefits Immune system

*enhances mood

Rhodiola in Tibet is considered a sacred herb, used as a powerful adaptogenic vitalizer and as a substantial medicinal agent since the beginning of Tibetan civilization. It is regarded as a life-prolonging, wisdom enhancing "superior herb", and used by the Tibetan monks to enhance their inner spiritual power, the power of concentration and physical endurance.

Beneficial for people who work very hard, either physically or mentally, as this herb improves endurance and mental capacity, including memory enhancement. It is a superb tonic and energizer for those into physical fitness, as consumption of a small amount of Rhodiola extract significantly improves a person’s capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, beneficial to the cardiovascular system, and also good for anyone stuck behind a desk or at a computer terminal for long periods of time. People stay focused and suffer far less from fatigue even under severe stress.


*increases endurance

*memory enhancement


* immune tonic


*radiological protection

*aid in insomnia

*improves appetite

Eleuthero (Eleutherococcus senticosus) has been shown to reduce the activation of the adrenal cortex in response to stress. Eleuthero helps to increase physical and mental endurance and helps to improve memory and alterness. Eleuthero is benefical in inproving work output as well as exercise recovery.Eleuthero helps to build blood and improves the ability of the body to absorb and efficiently use oxygen. Eleuthero is a potent immune modulator, and has in particular been shown to promote antibody formation. Eleuthero has a detoxifying action, protecting animals against various poisons. Recent Korean have shown that the polysaccarides in Eleuthero enhance the function of the liver by reducing the levels

of enzymes that may be related to altering liver function.


*immune system optimizer


The poysaccharies content of reishi strengthening the body’s overall immune functioning while simultaneously protect against cancer cells, and other microbials

such as viruses, bacteria and yeast. The ganoderic contained in Reishi aid in allergies and auto-immune disorders. Ganoderic acids inhibit histamine release,

improve oxygen utilization and improve liver function. The beta-1,3-glucan in reishi

have been shown to stabilize blood sugar levels.


*Known as the ‘Great Protector’


* Historically, astragalus has been used in traditional Chinese medicine, usually in combination with other herbs, to support and enhance the immune system. It is still widely used in China for chronic hepatitis and as an adjunctive therapy in cancer.
* It is also used to prevent and treat common colds and upper respiratory infections.
* Astragalus has also been used for heart disease.

Protects the circulating energy that is just under the skin and run the muscles.

This the known as the ‘Wei Chi’ as known as the protective chi. It’s role is to act as a protective shield that protective against invading organism and enviroment.

Rejuvetive to Qi that is necessary regain health.

The next set of herbs support the adrenals When not nourished properly the adrenal glands are easily depleted. Providing them with key elements for health helps prevent disorders and keeps the body in balance. With high stress levels in our lives as well as bad eating habits, we can easily compromise the health of our bodies.

In TCM the adrenal glands are part of the water element and relate to kidney energy. The kidneys are seen as the single most important organ affecting the length and quality of your life. They control your internal Chi, your Yin/Yang balance and house your Jing which is your life force, your aliveness, your creative power and your essence. Abundant kidney Chi correlates to a strong physical constitution as well as a strong innate sense of purpose and will.

Goji Berries:

Benefits include:

*eyesight improvement

*increasing libido

*mood enhancement

*improvement energy

*improving sleeping

*enhancing your for life


*may protect against age-related diseases

Most of Goji’s benefit are due its high antioxidant and polsaccarides content.

These super packed berries are high in minerals and most of the essential amino acids and essential fatty acids

Rehmannia (prepared):

One of the world best Kidney/Adernal tonifying herbs.

Aids in slowing the aging process.

Builds your Yin Jing, recharges your batteries.

Rejuvenation at its best.

Enhances your ability to heal and heal faster.

It is considered a premium blood tonic.

Strengthens your reproductive system therefore benefits the sexual function of both

male and female.

Morinda Root

Morinda is an superior Yang Jing tonic, considered to be highly nutritious and strengthen the body.

Benefical in inproving your mental prowess.

Considered to be benefical to the heart.

Increase your ability to be more active and gain strength.

Eucommia Bark

Eucommia is also a superior Yang Jing tonic therefore considered to be a sexual for both males and females.

Found to be useful in regulating blood pressure.

Very useful to the athlete because of its abilty to strengthen the back, skeleton, and joints.

The next set of Chinese herbs are from an ancient formula called Four Gentleman.

This set of herbs will up lift your Chi (the energy source that runs through your body),

make your stronger, improve the digestion and reproductive system.

This herbs in combination also act like catalyzes to the main body of herbs to help your

utilize them better

There are as followed;

Licorice Root

Licorice roots builds energy and is a wonderful digestive aid.

It is a natural detoxifying agent. It also helps balance blood sugar levels and

nourishes the adrenal glands. Licorice is wonderful muscle relaxant as well as

a muscle strengthener. Licorice root is used in small amounts because it is so


Codonopsis Root

Codonopsis is a excellent blood tonic, a major immune system tonic as well

as invigorating the Spleen and Lung function so that Chi is replenished.

It promotes the production of body fluids, strengthens the digestive and

respiratory systems.

It has a wonderful blood building quality that makes it especially good for

someone who is in a weaken state.

White Atractylodes Root

Attractylodes is a potent Chi tonic that regulates the digestive function as well as a

powerful energy booster.

Poria Mushroom

This mushrooms was used for centuries by Taoist hermits as a source of food.

Too calm the mind and improve the digestion. It is a Chi tonic that benefit the

internal organs.

Jujube Fruit

Sometimes called red date, though not a true date, has been used for centuries

as nutrient tonic, a blood tonic and to improve the function of other tonic herbs.

Jujube removes the obstruction that are blocking your energy flow.

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